The bakery business is in our blood.

The Engelman’s Bakery was founded in 1983 by Sammy Engelman and his sister, Miriam Engelman Gur-Lavi. Both Sammy and Miriam have 200 years of bakery business in their blood; their parents ran a bakery in Israel before immigrating to New York in 1961.

After years of working in the family's bakeries, Miriam suggested to Sammy that it was time to start a new adventure … in Atlanta.



In 1981, Sammy moved to Atlanta, and in 1983, a full-line retail bakery was opened. The retail operation gradually evolved into a 100% wholesale business, and in 1997, the Engelman’s Bakery relocated to our current facility in Norcross, GA. Our 50,000-sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility is SQF certified and built to exceed our customers’ requirements. In this baking workshop, the Engelman’s Bakery combines our experience with state of the art equipment to fulfill all of our customers’ baking needs.

After 200 Years Perfecting Our Craft,

We Know Quality Bread.

Quality Bread is only Part of the Story.

Service is in our Genes.

Our People

We’re bakers. Instant gratification has no place in our business. The same exacting, caring patience we put into our breads, we show to our customers.

Our Commitment

Our customers turn to us every single day, counting on us to deliver above and beyond each and every time—so that’s exactly what we do.

Our Process

Old world style recipes and modern technology make for products with a difference our customers appreciate.

Customer Care

The love, craft and excellence we put into our product and service shines through in every bite, with each customer interaction and every delivery.
Hear It from your Peers

Got a Craving for Answers?

We’re all ears and a warm oven! Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to share your love for good bread, we’re here for you. Drop us a line, and a friendly member from the Engelman’s Bakery team will get back to you soon.