Rise with our family.

If your mission is to make something truly exceptional and exceed customers’ needs through wholehearted quality and service, let's talk.

We do much more than bake, sell and deliver bread. We help restaurants develop a unique culinary experience to enhance the value of their operations, to their guests and bottom line. We are proud of where we've been -- and confident in our future. 

Engelman's employees are part of a unique family, rooted in 200-year tradition. As part of the Engelman's family, we know a few things.

  • We know that bread is a staple of almost every meal across the globe.
  • We know our product may be common, but it's uncommonly difficult to make right.
  • We know that the slightest variation in formula or process will lead to the wrong result.
  • We know our customers need quality and service to keep their guests happy.
  •  We know our product has to reach its destination fresh and fast.

At Engelman's Bakery, we are expanding our footprint in the marketplace, enhancing our product offerings and executing on an aggressive growth plan. For Engelman's Bakery to achieve its vision, we need high-performing team members.

We need a team that understands and practices core discipline and has a pigheaded stubbornness for excellence. If you have a strong history of performance in service, can demonstrate teamwork in a fast-paced, changing environment, let's talk.

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FAMILY: The Engelman's name extends to the people that matter to us most—our employees, our customers, our partners and vendors—who we think of as members of our family.

DEPENDABILITY: Our customers turn to us every single day, counting on us to deliver above and beyond each and every time—so that’s exactly what we do.

QUALITY: The love, craft and excellence we put into our product and service shines through in every bite and every delivery.

TEAMWORK: Doing what we do is no easy task, and it takes everyone working together as a team to make it happen, succeeding and celebrating as one.

TRADITION: As we grow and innovate for the future, we also remember and honor our past, never losing sight of who we are, where we came from, and what we believe is right and true.